The exchange of merchandise between the markets is in a continuous growth, requesting the most favorable transport solutions. Due to the fleet of trucks (our partners’ and ours) which are at our disposal, we have the permanent availability for Your transport, with any of our trucks, in any circumstance, for every location in Europe and Romania. (see Services)

ILT has your merchandise transported with highly secure and latest generation trucks, following the latest European standards and normatives as far as the pollution and safety is concerned. The perfect technical condition of our trucks guarantees the safety of your shipment.

  • Another major advantage of the “ILT client” status is represented by the fact that we have an ultra-qualified team, (speditioners and drivers) who assure and watches over the normal course of Your transport. Our company’s staff is a professional one, experienced and punctual, always at Your disposal, ready to solve any eventual operative problem occurred during the transport and to offer the transparency and safety of that particular transport.
  • Through our company’s policy, we are dedicated to cover the ILT clients’ needs throughout the year, no matter the period, nor the fluctuation of the market.
  • Every group of merchandise is treated individually, having our specialists permanently following the exact location of Your goods.
  • The ILT team follows the best course of your shipment, starting with the time of its taking over, by the time of handing it over to its beneficiary. Every single transport order, from the moment of its taking over, up to the moment of the merchandise’s delivery is executed and controlled by our experimented speditioners.
  • By being an ILT client, you will also benefit of an efficient network of prestigious, qualified partners, who have proven their professionalism in every single situation, thus being in the possibility of offering you forwarding and transport services of the highest standards.
  • Being an ILT client gives you the possibility of following the route of the transport that was completed or contracted, the ILT team being in permanent contact with the driver who performs the transport route.
  • We are trying to provide the best solutions for the transport of merchandise at competitive and flexible prices, regarding Your necessity and order. The established prices are negotiable according to the time, distance, quantity and frequency of orders.
  • By resorting to our services we will offer you solutions, disregarding the fact that you are talking about occasional transports or contracted services.
  • ILT’s modern technology of circulation and information assures that the transport routes are performed in the most favorable conditions.

Relating to quality :

  • To ensure a high standard of the services for your satisfaction we have made many researches in the field of international forwarding and of transport.
  • In order to accomplish all our goals (to obtain your satisfaction as far as the offered services are concerned) our staff pays great attention to quality management, having a great responsibility with our client, because we think that with the achievement of the best solutions of the specific system of procedures which point to the client, the ILT brand will be complete. This is owed to the fact that this system requires demands of continuous analysis and improvement of each element within the COMPANY’s goal.