You may wonder what new services may offer another Company of Forwarding and Transport, in a moment when the Romanian and European market are extremely dynamic and the competition is at least harsh in this field.

You will have the answer and also the conviction that you took the right decision when choosing INTERNATIONAL LINES TRANSPORT when you are going to request our company a service concerning a transport, forwarding and not only!
ILT – Despre Noi

Now, here, we can only confess the reason of our existence; our motivation was and still is the imperious DESIRE of working well, of being a serious company, where our client is on the first place.
We believe in the warranty of a well-done thing and because we are convinced that the force of group is given by the coordination of future plans with present commitments, right from the beginning of our existence we elaborated a short, medium and long term plan, and from the main objectives set by us at that time, we carried through the following:

  • To form a dynamic team, with experimented people who know their job thoroughly and master it totally, the team for whom the field of transport has no secrets, the team who waits every day a new challenge. Presently we form a team which meets all these conditions, formed by 19 people and in the near future (the next two months) this number will increase up to 20.
  • To create for our employees in Sibiu and Arad the best working conditions, modern offices equipped with everything that is necessary, counting on ultramodern technology that is of great help to our employees, and not only.
  • Communication in real time is assured through an innovative informatics system which includes the customized management of the offered services, being equipped with modern systems of communication and a high-technology substructure, thus making possible at anytime to offer our partners and clients exact information concerning the transported merchandise and the position of the trucks.
  • To meet our clients and to permanently improve the working way, our company considered, though it is not compulsory, it is necessary and useful to implement the quality management system, for which we have proceeded to start off the implementing procedures.
  • To become a forwarding company which, thanks to the offered services and to their quality, should be ranked among the first companies of forwarding in Romania. After the first year of activity, we succeeded in being classified among the 200 companies of the 10.000 registered according to the classification of the Transport Exchange, and by this time we have succeed to be ranked among the first 150 specialized companies in Romania/according to the same source.
    More than that, for the economical results obtained in 2006, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sibiu classified our activity on the VI place among the competitive companies-micro-enterprises more details, a place which honors and obliges us at the same time.
    For the economical results obtained in 2007, the same Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sibiu classified our activity on the first place in the micro-enterprises Top Companies in Sibiu. see more details…
    Also, for the same economical results obtained in 2007, the National Council of the Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania classified our activity on the IVth place as a Forwarding Company, in the National Top of the Private Companies in Romania.
  • Another objective we proposed to ourselves was that of expanding our field of expertise, that is to offer our clients not only forwarding services but also transport services. Thus, we started a first project for which we have bought various mega Scania 20 tones trucks. Because the transport services offered to our clients should be of the highest class, quality, performance and for diminished risks, we considered that the trucks bought by ILT should be new, non-polluting, and highly secure following the latest European standards and normatives.
  • And because the whole range of transports and supplementary services should be covered so as to be able to offer our clients all the services in this field, we appreciated that it was imperative to create some warehouses. Regarding this aspect, we managed to buy in Sibiu and Arad (cities that we appreciated to be well and strategic positioned concerning the existing transport routes) a location measuring 4 hectares, a setting on which we are going to built logistics centers/ warehouses of the highest standards.

From our point of view these statistic data are the best visiting card and simultaneously they talk about us, about what characterizes us, about our present and future aspirations and intentions. Because of all these, we have chosen this method of presentation. Through these actual data we can prove the fact that, though we are a young company, we are a very dynamic and very serious one whose goal is to attain complete satisfaction of our customers.

On this way, we are trying to be closer to our clients, to their desires and needs. The quality, security, and promptitude of the offered services are based on our company’s staff- qualified, motivated and with many years of experience in this field, also it is due to thousands of honored orders and followed under strict supervision as well as kilometers covered throughout Europe, with no route remaining unrevealed to us. But this is due especially to You, our client who trusted us, accepted us and gave us the opportunity to show you what we can do and because of that, we thank you!