To be the landmark of excellence for the logistic services and the international transport in Romania, by offering maximum benefits to our clients, our employees, and to all those who resort to our services.


  • TO CARE. TO WANT. TO DO – wherever in Europe, whenever You want, the best transport services.

Because we really care, our main mission is to offer services of such a high quality that our clients should be truly satisfied.

We care.

We care for our client.
We are very careful, so that we always have the best favorable solution for our client.
We care and want to offer our client full services: transport, logistics, storage so that he/she should not encounter any difficulty.
We care to develop mutually advantageous business relationships with our suppliers.
We care for our staff’s motivation and satisfaction.
We care for the continuous development of our performances.
We care for ILT’s image in the specialized market.
We care for ILT and for YOU.

And because We care,

We want to offer our client the best quality services at competitive prices.
We always want to have the best solution for every problem and situation in our field of expertise.
We want to broaden the domain of activity, that is we want to offer our clients not only forwarding services but also transport, logistics and storage services.
We want to attract suppliers so that every involved party should benefit of quality services and their recognition.
We want our suppliers to be satisfied so that each one’s efficiency should be on a high level for a common goal and that is satisfying every client’s need.
We want the ILT team to be completely satisfied with everything ILT offers, and in exchange it will do everything to satisfy YOU.