I. INTERNAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT OF MERCHANDISE carried out in exclusiveness, consolidated and groupages.

We, the ILT team, execute for you full load transport, consolidated or grouped transports, everywhere in Europe, with vans of 1.5 tones (minibuses); 7.5 tones (vans or tarpaulins, up to 44 mc and 3.2 tones of use) or 20 tones (tarpaulins and vans-normal, mega and jumbo) which can be equipped for transport of all kinds of merchandise, textile-ready-made clothes), merchandise having a controlled temperature as well as dangerous merchandise (ADR).
Also, we can execute over-weight transports.

Next to terrestrial transports, we offer to the interested client maritime, aerial, or combined-intermodal transports.
According to our lines philosophy, as you can see from the name of our company INTERNATIONAL LINES TRANSPORT, we have at our disposal express lines of weekly transport for groupages all over the European Union towards Romania and from Romania towards the European Union.
The ILT prices are competitive, according to volume and frequency.

With us, all merchandise is transported and assured, having as a ground basis the Contract for the International Transport of Merchandise on Highways (CMR), on Romanian territory and abroad.


We offer our clients logistics services.
For you, we collect the merchandise, we group it together, we assure its transport to warehouses-we handle it, storage it, deliver it. The deliverance is made to the beneficiary’s warehouse or at his subcontractors, when the case requires it.
Other services offered to our clients are:

  • Sorting, packing up,
  • Weighing, palleting,
  • Wrapping up the pallet,
  • Assembling,
  • Consolidating,
  • Cross docking,
  • Labeling,
  • Attaching the instructions manual, instructions of usage, etc
  • Special facilities, special requests.


ILT clients as well as our potential clients benefit of free consultancy for any problem concerning logistics or transport. Every request is treated individually, offering the right solution for transport and logistics.
The ILT team may be contacted with no hesitation for general information as well as for specific routes.


We offer Ferry bookings for crossing the English Channel on the routes Calais-Dover-Calais and Dunquerque-Dover-Dunquerque.
This facility is addressed exclusively to the transporters.
Selling ferry tickets completes the logistics services, which our company puts at its clients’ disposal.


Express lines executed with 7.5 tones and 22 tones trucks, for groupage and import:

  • Leeds (Great Britain) – Londra (Great Britain) – Anvers/ Antwerpen (Belgium) – Brussels (Belgium) – Timisoara (Romania) – Bucharest (Romania)
  • Paris (France) – Strasbourg (France) – Stuttgart (Germany) – Regensburg (Germany) – Bucharest (Romania)
  • Lyon (France) – Mulhouse (France) – Freiburg (Germany) – München (Germany) – Vienne (Austria) – Cluj (Romania) – Bucharest (Romania)
  • North and North-East of Germany – Romania
  • Ruhr Basin – Central Germany- Romania
  • Northern and Central-Western Holland – Romania
  • Southern Holland-Central-Western Holland– Romania
  • Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Romania
  • Valencia ( Spania)- Barcelona (Spania)- Marseille (Franta)- Milano(Italia)- Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Romania
  • Czech Republic – Slovakia- Hungary- Romania